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Accident Investigation

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Pam Evans, Administrative Assistant

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Course Description: No one wants an accident to happen on the worksite- but what can be learned from one? Following relevant Provincial Accident Investigation Regulations, participants will learn about the investigation process and techniques to help prevent future accidents or near misses.

Course Duration: 1 Day  (in person)

Learning Objectives:

Section 1 – Hazard Recognition

  • Definitions
  • Safety Hazards
  • Health Hazards
  • Unsafe Conditions
  • Unsafe Acts
  • Hazard Recognition Skill Questions
  • Hazard Report Form

Section 2 – Hazard Evaluation

  • Hazard Classification
  • Hazard Assessment Rating Scale
  • Hazard Assessment Form
  • Hazard Evaluation Skill Questions
  • Hazard Report

Section 3 – Hazard Control

  • Methods of Hazard Control
  • Hazard Control Skill Questions
  • How Are Hazards Assessed?
  • How Do You Manage Hazard Assessment?
  • Good Practices to Reduce Workplace Hazards
  • What Does The Law Say?
  • Hazard Recognition and Assessment
  • Hazard Control Skill Questions
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Accident Investigation

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